Welcome to Spring | Ferguson

Spring Ferguson

We are delighted to announce that we have merged with Spring Law (www.springlaw.co.uk). From now on we shall provide our services under the name Spring | Ferguson.

For 17 years we have been successfully representing City traders and professionals in legal disputes with their employers. Several, such as the much-publicised case of Clark -v- Nomura International Plc in 2000, have created important judicial precedents.

It is one of the reasons why so many City employees now turn to us for advice and support in dealing with problems associated with the terms and conditions of their employment; their bonuses and compensation packages; the regulation of the City and those working in the financial markets; and the failure of employers to monitor and give effect to ever-changing anti-discrimination policies.

Our reputation for strong and effective advocacy is confirmed by the Chambers 2014 Directory in which we are recognised for representing banking professionals and senior executives in high-profile disputes with their employers and we are described as being “in their primary niche of representing individuals against City institutions, no other firms can match their level of experience”. We have previously been commended for our “unique knowledge of complex financial markets”, adding that we “drive a hard bargain” for clients in the banking and securities industries. Our lawyers have also been cited as being “robust fighters” and “clear strategists with commercial know-how” while our founder and senior partner, Charles Ferguson, is described as a “guru on employment disputes” and “one of the few solicitors that City traders turn to”. Partner Fiona Macdonald is quoted as being “deeply insightful” and “a force to be reckoned with”.

Although we are best known for our niche services to City professionals, we also handle non-contentious company, commercial and regulatory work including business start-ups, applications for FCA registration, the merger and acquisition of private businesses, and the provision of company secretarial services.